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Why the battle between Bhuni!Hope/Lightning is the fated battle between Mwynn/Bhunivelze.


According to the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, the thing that essentially kicked off the entire series was the conflict between Bhunivelze and Mwynn. For those of you who don’t know the mythology very well, I’ll briefly explain. Mwynn was Bhunivelze’s mother. He killed her in order to gain full control of the mortal world, and she ended up in the Unseen Realm. This is what caused Bhunivelze to create Pulse and Etro. He sought the door to the Unseen Realm so that he may find Mwynn as he believed she put a curse of death on the world.

However, when Bhunivelze realized he created Etro in his mother’s (Mwynn) image he discarded her and gave her no powers of her own. This is when he created Lindzei to replace Etro. This is what led Etro to tearing herself apart and disappearing into the Unseen Realm. Lindzei then used Etro’s spilled blood to create the first human, Yeul.

I’d like to point out that in XIII, Gods do not have what we think of as “emotions.” They can’t fully comprehend them, and the only deity who was able to somewhat sympathize with humans was Etro - as she became fond of humans and gave them each a piece of Chaos. The rest of the deities and Fal’Cie in the mythology do not express emotions to this degree. Bhunivelze’s primary function is the governance of life and order. He, and other Fal’cie throughout the series, are shown to use humans as tools to their ends. It’s a mechanical logic.

Under the cut I will go into some very important parallels that are represented during the final battle and the XIII series as a whole.

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If you’ve finished LR this is well worth the read! 

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know this bhunivelze, it wasn’t just me who destroyed you

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The original subbed version of Lightning’s encounter with Bhunivelze and the truth about Hope. This one is EXTREMELY important to see. The whole plot loses its sense without knowing the real script. By the way, Bhunivelze’s voice actor is Kaji Yuuki, the same as Hope. In other words, Bhunivelze has Hope’s voice.

Thanks a lot to lovely tensai-shoujo for the translation!

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The original subbed Hope’s farewell scene. I thought it’d be useful to have the most relevant -and the ones that suffered the most from translation- scenes subbed and so, here you have the first one!

Thanks to lovely tensai-shoujo for the translation! I accept requests, so if you want a certain original cutscene subbed, you may ask for it!

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Just to notify everyone!

We’re about to reblog some heavy spoilerific videos in a moment, be sure you’ve blacklisted the #lr spoiler tag if you haven’t finished the game!

This is to help to spread the information of the original translation of the Japanese source material in a few important scenes in the game, as they have been inaccurately translated in the localization.

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Q&A day!


Ask us any questions regarding the XIII trilogy!

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Lightning Returns: Interview with Jessica DiCicco - Interview - Final Fantasy Union - Final Fantasy News, Music, Guides & More

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Voice-Actor Interviews = Lightning & Serah


For this first interview from the “FFXIII Ultimania Omega”, we have the lovely voices behind the Farron Sisters - Sakamoto Maaya (Lightning) and Kotobuki Minako (Serah)!!

Along with serious character analyzing, the ladies also shared some humorous bloopers and interesting never-before-made-public details about the story. Please enjoy reading! :D


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