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FINAL FANTASY XIII [live stream]

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We are playing Final Fantasy XIII on Twitch! I’m halfway in the game, Chapter 7. Come watch and chat!

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A video of the Seventh Ark. Features few cutscenes in Japanese and Nemesis boss (what became Proto fal’Cie Adam).

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I was able to load an area of the Seventh Ark.

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FINAL FANTASY XIII and the Seventh Ark.



As many of you may know already, Final Fantasy XIII had a lot of content that was cut due to time constraints. Square Enix even said they could make two games out of it and so, many started questioning if that content was the one we saw in FFXIII-2 which they said no. Well….

In chapter 13, after we complete the trials, you are “gifted” with two portals (one to Eden, one to Pulse) but apparently, the initial plan was to have a third portal which would lead to the Seventh Ark. In this place, you’d meet a new fal’Cie named Nemesis.


The localization for the datalog entries are incomplete, but you can find the full text in spanish.


"Fal’Cie lord and master of the Seventh Arc. Its work consists of harassing the l’Cie in the middle of cruel tests and obligating them to surpass their own limits. Apparently it trains them to fight against someone, but it is not known who. Nemesis and its Arc already existed in the times before the construction of Cocoon." 


"One of the military installations of which the legends of Gran Pulse speak. The Fifth Arc is clearly an arsenal ready to combat invaders; the Seventh, instead, has as its principal function to awaken the hidden power of the l’Cie." 

A map of the area is also available:


Now, the interesting part is that, the fal’Cie you end up fighting is no other than Proto fal’Cie Anima. A cutscene was even almost done:


If you change the party’s leader before facing Nemesis, the dialogue will change according to the leader, as the leader is the one who speaks his/her point of view about it. 

Now that the PC version was released, more people were able to explore what remains of the Seventh Ark.





Since Gorgyra, Raspatil and even Ereshkigal (!) were found in the game files too, this raises the question of what was the actually purpose of the sequel? Was there so many unused content (including the things that never turned public like this) that they felt the need to create sequels just to justify them?

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FINAL FANTASY XIII is now officially available on Steam!

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FINAL FANTASY XIII is up for pre-loading on Steam!

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The minimum required space for the PC version of FFXIII has been updated to 60GB

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New video released for Square Enix’s Dive-In streaming service!



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Lightning to appear in Final Fantasy Explorers

Cloud won’t be the only familiar Final Fantasy series face to join you in Final Fantasy Explorers. Square Enix has revealed that Tina/Terra (Final Fantasy VI), Squall (Final Fantasy VIII), and Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) will also have the ability to fight by your side, if only temporarily. Using a system called Trance you’ll be able to transform into one of these Legend Characters to face enemies in battle. Each Legend Character will have their own unique abilities in addition to your own, of which call back to their individual games.

Square Enix has allowed Famitsu some more hands-on time with the game as well, including a look at a four player team fighting against the summoned Shiva. If you listen carefully, you can hear familiar themes corresponding to each Legend Character.

Final Fantasy Explorers is due out in Japan on December 18th. First edition copies of the game will include a voucher for a free copy of the original Final Fantasy, in addition to other in-game bonuses.

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